Friday, March 9, 2012

Examples of wastes that are good nitrogen sources

Here are some of the types of waste that are good sources of nitrogen.  They may also contain other nutrients as well that your plants may need.

  • Milk - I have used sour milk as fertilizer for many years.  My first experiment was as a teenager using it in windowboxes planted with geraniums at a rental beach house.  The ones that got milk were visibly more vigorous.  That sold me on the idea.  I dilute it 1:4 with water and water around the plants. 
  • Eggs - Last year, I experimented with fertilizing with expired and hard boiled eggs.  Both worked well.
  • Beans - I have used beans as cover crop, but never used cooked beans so far.  Should work if there is not too much salt.  I will have a future post on what is "too much" salt.
  • Lean meat, lightly salted - usually not canned or prepared meats.  
  • Yogurt - as long as the fat content is not too high.  Look at calories from fat versus total calories.  It should not be more than half.  Some low and no fat yogurts are especially high in protein from added milk solids.  Those are the best.
  • Tofu - a great protein source and therefore a great fertilizer, too.

Examples of bad sources:  Cheese, high fat meats, most canned foods, soups, other foods that are mostly water.
In my next post, I will discuss how to use these raw materials.

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